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Inscriptions. Restorations. Replacements, & Etc.


By phone

Prefer to make appointments via phone? You can make an appointment by calling: 

(650) 755-1133 Colma Office 

(415) 982-2923 San Francisco Office

 between 8:30am to 5:30pm. 



Special Designs or Other Services

Special Design Monument are opportunities for us to work more closely with our customers, occasions for us to share our passion to creation in unique new ways. We can fabricate, sculpt, and cut any monument ideas that you and your families have in mind.



Any amount of characters

We can inscribe any kind of characters on an existing monument. With knowledge of languages and calligraphy, we say that characters is a form of art. We can match any font and any calligraphy style especially in Chinese and English.  They will look very similar from the previous stone mason's work.

We do most of all this work on site, in front of the monument. We bring all of our equipment onto the field. When we inscribe, we will make sure the other existing characters and pictures will not be damage and most importantly, we ensure you that you can trust us to do it correctly.


Front, Back, or Both

Overtime, nature conditions can cause paint to slow come off and water residue from cemeteries can stick on to the granite. Our restoration process consists of washing, cleaning, and repainting the headstone.  We do our best to bring the monument back to life and as close as its original form. 

Depending on how the monument was made, there are different options in restoring the monument. Mostly, we do the work for the front of the monument where all the name and pictures are locate, but sometimes they are on the side and back. We will go take a look for you and let you know all your options.