Inscription Service

We offer full engraving onto existing monuments within the bay area. Any styles and font are always available if the headstone was made years ago. Feel free to show us a picture if you ever have any questions about this service. We value our customers needs first. Ensuring the satisfaction of our supporters is our main priority. 



Before and After

The following is an example of a before and after engraving for our customer.  We believe in the transparency of communicating these process to our customers. Understanding what goes into a project and what comes out is important to us. We figured it is equally important to you


Restoration ReFurbishing

We have established relationship with our customers and trusting us to restore old monuments has been stress free. 

Clean and Rehighlight

We thoroughly clean the headstone multiple times and wash out all the old existing paint. We scrubbed out any residues and painted a brand new coat of paint. We are always trying to make it look brand new.



Golden Hill Monument can also have creative product designers for granite. Whether its made for outdoors or indoors, we can make your sketch come to life.